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Safe Driving on Long Trips

Road trips can be a fun experience for everyone involved, but before you go, there are some important things you should do. You’ll need to decide where you’re going and what stops you’ll take along the way. You’ll need to pack your bags carefully with everything you’ll need. Finally, you’ll need to get in the car and go! But first, consider these four tips to prepare for a safe journey.

Make Sleep a Priority

It's understandable you’ll want to get to your destination in as little time as possible, but you have to prioritize sleep. This means you should get adequate sleep in the days leading up to the trip, as well as adequate sleep while on the road. Driving while drowsy is just as dangerous as driving drunk says a leading car accident lawyer who has settled many cases involving accidents caused by drivers falling asleep while driving.

Bring an Old-Fashioned Paper Map

Everyone has smartphones and GPS systems, but you can’t simply rely on technology to get you where you need to go. Your phone’s battery might die, you might lose your phone’s signal, or your GPS system could go on the fritz and you’ll find yourself somewhere you didn’t plan to be. If you carry an actual paper map in your glove compartment, it will be easier for you to find your way out of the detour you didn’t expect to take.

Pack the Right Snacks

Every good road trip includes snacks but be sure you pack the right snacks. A bunch of sugar is only going to give you a stomachache, but healthy, hearty snacks will keep your blood pumping, your mind alert, and your energy up. Don’t forget to bring along plenty of water, as staying hydrated is just as important as eating the right food.

Obey All Traffic Laws

It can get tempting to speed on a deserted road or get distracted by the scenery, but obeying traffic laws is an important part of every road trip. Blowing out a tire at high speeds can be dangerous for a car’s occupants. Finally, put the phone on silent and set it in the back seat. Set the music to a calming station while you’re driving and keep the kids occupied with road games.

Take a Break

Although it’s very tempting to just keep driving for hours and hours to get to the intended destination as soon as possible, it’s not a very good idea. Drivers can get tired and uncomfortable after long driving stretches making them less alert and weary. Take a break every couple of hours at a rest stop, turn-out, or off-highway restaurant or gas station to freshen up and grab a bite to eat. Doing this will re-energize you for driving the next stretch of highway.

Summing It all Up

It’s exciting to take a long driving trip to a favorite vacation spot or to visit far-away relatives. But without careful planning and taking necessary precautions, things can go wrong. Not being prepared can not only cost valuable time, but it can also by risky. It’s a good idea to join a travel or automobile club. They have many ways to help you prepare for your trip and may even have a travel checklist to prevent you from missing any important details. Happy Traveling!